Product Developments

Product Concepts

With as little as a product idea or concept, our team of experts will provide you with product formulations that meet your specific goals and needs.
Using the latest scientific findings, new market trends, competitive data and traditional methods, we formulate products positioned for your specific market that meet your value and efficacy requirements.

Custom Formulations

It is common for our clients to have an idea for a product but no formula to realize it. Our experienced and knowledgeable team of formulators will help you develop unique products, whether it is an initial concept, a line extension or a completely new line of products.
We have an extensive catalog of private label formulas and specialty ingredients to meet every need and can help you complete your product formulation in a wide variety of dosage forms and delivery systems.
Leveraging the latest advances and concepts in nutrition science, our team selects from a portfolio of hundreds of ingredients, and dozens of technologies to create new custom products to meet your specific needs, including:

Vitamin & Mineral Products
Herbal Products
Amino Acids
Vegetarian Products

Specialty Products
Private Label Vitamins

Dosage Forms

We manufacture tablets, capsules and softgels in a wide variety of dosage forms, different sizes, colors and forms to meet your specific needs. Our technical experts can help you select the ideal dosage form for your product to deliver the nutrients in an optimal and convenient way for your consumers with following technologies:

Chewable Products in Custom Shapes & Flavors
Timed-release Products
Delayed Release Products
Enteric Coated Products
Two Layer Products
Sublingual Products

We offer complete Non-Disclosure and Material Transfer Agreements for your custom formulation needs as well as manufacturing of pilot batches.

Ingredient Sourcing

All ingredients undergo rigorous testing to ensure quality standards. Our extensive ingredient database ranges from unique products to branded ingredients to generic raw materials, helping to maximize the value of your specific products.

Our experienced and knowledgeable sourcing team works with ingredient suppliers worldwide to maximize product differentiation, quality, value and efficacy.
We ensure your supplement is manufactured with the raw materials you prefer, so you control of the design, potency, and form of your dietary supplement.

It is our goal to make the development process easy for you, so you can focus on the marketing and promotion of your products and brands.
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