Eckhart formulates, manufactures and packages nutritional tablets, capsules and softgels in a wide variety of dosage forms, different sizes, colors and forms to meet your specific needs:


Eckhart manufactures the highest-quality tablets. Our tableting operations are extensive and include 40 tableting machines that produce three billion tablets per year. We produce compressed tablets in a wide variety of forms, including bi-layers, quick-melts, sublinguals and extended release. We specialize in advanced high-tech tablet coatings and feature a wide range of natural coating colors. Film coating and protein glazing are available to increase shelf life and protect against oxidation.


Eckhart is a leading manufacturer of chewable supplements with acknowledged expertise in chewable multivitamin formulations for adults and children.



Hard Shell Capsules

Eckhart manufactures the highest-quality, gelatin and vege-capsules. Our facilities are all state-of-the-art, GMP-compliant plants containing the latest in climate control and purification equipment. Our leading-edge satellite laboratory in Maryland continuously performs Quality Control (QC) testing during production. Our high-speed encapsulators can produce gelatin, kosher, and vegetarian capsules in all sizes.




With over 25 years experience in manufacturing softgels, Eckhart is uniquely qualified to provide its customers with the purity and potency they require in a soft gelatin delivery system.

Utilizing the most advanced technology available, We manufacture the highest quality softgels, and specialize in encapsulating materials that are often considered impossible to encapsulate.

Our premium soft gelatin capsules are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility in New York.

Utilizing the most advanced technology available, we produce soft gels in various sizes and colors. The plant maintains a production output capability of up to 600,000 softgels per machine, per day.

We understand your individual manufacturing needs and manufacture to your specifications using the pure, efficacious ingredients. Our scientists are adept at realizing your ideas by creating custom formulations, even raw materials that are difficult to encapsulate.


We offer you a complete menu of production options, including:


As a leader in soft gelatin capsule technology, we are dedicated to working with you in utilizing a soft gelatin delivery system that will enhance your brand and help increase your share of the nutraceutical market.

Key Benefits of Softgels:  

Enhanced nutrient bioavailability
Easy to swallow digest 
Ingredient protection from oxygen and light
Tamper-proof - Surface damage would be permanent and visible
Content uniformity and precision dosage
Masks unpleasant odors and flavors

We are dedicated to your success, which depends on many different aspects, including the safety, purity and efficacy of the formulations, label design, packaging and marketing. We stand ready to assist you with all of these.

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